promotional marketing

Promotional Marketing

We promote Film, Short Film , Band, Individual Artist, Street Theater etc. We will help you to create your Brand value.


Artist Management

We manage artist for different types of Event. Any one can book artist for there event by contacting us.

Street Events

Street Events

We promote awareness, brand,  company by performing street event. Street event is an unique concept to grow awareness towards audience for any particular brand.

song arrangement

Song Arrangement

If anyone is looking for song arrangement then no need to worry. We have plenty of expert song arranger under the IAFOB banner.  



If anyone is looking for song / voice recording then no need to worry. We have plenty of sound engineer and recording studio under the IAFOB banner.

portfolio shooting

Portfolio Photo shoot

If anyone want to shoot his or her portfolio then no need to worry we have plenty of professional photographer under the IAFOB banner. We can assure you a cheapest rate for you dream to fulfill.  

Video Shooting

Video Shoot

We have plenty of professional photographer for video shoot under the IAFOB banner. So, if anyone is looking for video shoot they are welcome over here.    


Hukum Mere Akaa Events

Hukum Mere Akaa Events group is responsible for conducting all the entertainment related events.

Canteen Honours Episode – 1

We believe that everyone in this earth deserve an opportunity to prove their talent but due to the lack of interest of print & electronic media maximum  independent artist are suffering from depression. So, we are using an independent platform to showcase those talent and that is none other than SOCIAL MEDIA. 

Interview at kolkata tv

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