Birth Of Calcutta Blues

It is a journey of a guy who had lost his mother at the age of 12th and father became permanently blind. The maiden way of loneliness provoked him to choose music. With the time he had grown interest on Bangla Band music which leads him to create Calcutta Blues.

Iman Sen the soul of Calcutta Blues actually an example of persistence. His journey started from Dinabandhu Andrews College in the year 2008 with the song “ Smriti “. After that “Smriti” became college anthem song for all the teenagers. Calcutta Blues became one of the obvious choices for most of the college fest. Not only that Iman Sen became the Runners up in Mtv Rock On Desi Beat in the year 2010 & Calcutta Blues launched their album “ Rajkanya “  in the year 2012. This is not the story that I want to narrate over here. There is a twist in the tale.


Hibernation Period of CB

Independent music was like a sinking ship couple of years ago because of the lack of media support & lack of promotion. That was the phase when Calcutta Blues went for Hibernation.

Actually that was the time when Iman Sen lost his father and went in a phase of Depression. That was the hardest time he faced in his life. There is a quotation – sick of crying, tired of trying, yes I’m smiling but inside I’m dying  that’s actually define the phase of depression. That was the time he went to Delhi to his elder brother’s house for a change.


Comeback Of Calcutta Blues

After a long vacation he came with much more determination to prove that depression is a part of a life but life is altogether to prove your determination. He came he conquer the entire bangle band Industry once again. The prince of Calcutta Blues Iman Sen performing with his new band line up now a day. Samm on bass guitar, Dhruv in lead guitar, Sumanto in Synthesizer and Animesh in Drum this the current line up for Calcutta blues.

The missing link of Bangla Band Industry Calcutta Blues is become a headline in social media now a day. It is a new comeback story  of another Bengali the Prince of Calcutta Blues.


By Surojit Sen

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